Class of 2009 Honored with Farewell Mass; Graduation Prep Begins

Merry Macs ‘09 Honored; High School Division Wishes Class Well During Final Mass

On Friday morning, the High School Division came together as a family to celebrate the Class of 2009’s final mass (not including Baccalaureatte Mass). Though this mass is considered a farewell mass for the upcoming graduates, the mass actually serves as a blessing for the soon-to-be college freshmen. Though the High School is sad to see the Merry Macs ‘09 leave the historic halls on State St, the division is equally as excited about the class’s upcoming journey. With that in mind, the juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and eighth graders joined the Merry Macs ‘09 and the class’s parents for a morning of worship and best wishes.

The 2009 Farewell Mass began with the arrival of the Merry Macs ‘09.

As the seniors entered the State St side of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, the four remaining classes on campuses rose to their feet and saluted the seniors (using their class salutes from the Rally competition). Heather Arthur ‘09 and Caroline Andrews ‘09 led the procession of the Merry Macs with Clare Magner ‘09 and Sophie Kerl ‘09 concluding the entrance. Senior Class President Emily Liuzza ‘09 offered a few words to her class and offered thanks for today’s festivities and attendace. Fr. Donald Hawkins once again celebrated mass and entered The Shrine as the student body sang Shine Jesus Shine. Joining Fr. Hawkins were Erin Yancovich ‘09, Breann Sokol ‘09, and Brittni Lajaunie ‘09 (each carrying either a banner or a candle).

Prior to the First Reading, Fr. Hawkins reminded us that we were here to “celebrate the labor of hard work the seniors have given to Ursuline Academy”. Mariah Sparacio ‘09 delivered the First Reading Isaiah 63:7-9. Following the Responsorial Psalm and the Holy Gospel John 15:9-17, Fr. Hawkins used his homily to share the following thought: “some of the challenges the seniors have faced have bonded the Macs together and brought them closer to God through loving sacrifice and generosity”.

Maddie Whitmiere ‘09, Nicole Cerritelli ‘09, and Sarah Cotton ‘09 offered petitions. Whitmiere ‘09 prayed that the class finds happiness in its heart and to remember to keep Our Lady close at all times. Erin Peterson ‘09, Meghan Fuller ‘09, and Veronica Zintz ‘09 presented the offertory gifts.

Stephanie Carey ‘09, Annie Weldon ‘09, Jodie Joseph ‘09, Claire Donovan ‘09, and Brittany Bodin ‘09 served as Eucharistic Ministers.

Prior to the conclusion of the mass, the four senior members of the UA CHORUS. Heather Arthur ‘09, Taylor Dornier ‘09, Scierra Legarde ‘09, and Caroline Andrews ‘09 sang I’m Amazed; a song that highlights the beauty of frienship.

After Fr. Hawkins’ final blessing, Dornier ‘09 and Arthur ‘09 returned to the altar for a special Senior Tribute song. The two seniors performed Find Your Wings …which resulted in a standing ovation from the senior class. Well done, Ladies.

Following the completion of the mass, the seniors were honored during an award ceremony. With their parents present, students were presented awards for their excellence in the classroom.

On behalf of the entire High School Division, we would like to congratulate the Merry Macs ‘09 on a wonderful year. Have fun at Graduation practice next week and we can not wait to see you on stage Saturday night. The Big Day is quickly approaching. You have earned it…now enjoy it.