Tamica Lee, Mac of 1997

Tamica Lee, Mac of 1997

Tamica Lee

In what ways did your Ursuline education prepare you for the work you’re doing now?

Ursuline has always been my home away from home. It’s never felt like just “school” to me. My teachers were always there to motivate and support me. I struggled with my studies in the beginning, but I worked hard and Ursuline steered me in the right direction, helping me find my strong points and supporting me along the way. The foundation created at Ursuline helped me not only in college, but in my career.

Please describe the most significant value you learned from Ursuline Academy.

Confidence. Ursuline instilled the confidence in me to keep pushing and to go after whatever I wanted. I am successful in my life as a wife, mother, business partner, and in my television career because of confidence.

Describe Ursuline in one word. Explain.

Legacy. I am so proud of Ursuline! I can’t wait for my daughter to attend!


Tamica Lee is a traffic reporter at WWL-TV. She updates Morning News viewers on traffic conditions several times an hour from 5 am until 9 am. She also currently works with the New Orleans Saintsations as the Appearance Director and choreographer and is a consultant for the 610 Stompers.

Bursting big time onto the local scene as a host of “New Orleans Tonight” in February 2013, Tamica handled interview and anchoring duties for the nightly 30-minute show during Super Bowl week. She was a Saintsation from 2001-2005 and then worked as a choreographer for the VooDoo Dolls dance team among others. On air, in addition to the “New Orleans Tonight” stint, Tamica has also hosted several behind the scenes entertainment segments for the New Orleans Saints. She was also a TV host for Spun TV from 2007-2010 and was a promotions host for Bounce TV. In 2004, she had run on reality TV on the show Fear Factor.